Tips for Cockroach Control at Home

Evolution has provided cockroaches with extreme survival capabilities. So if you have cockroach infestation at home you will find it very difficult to control them. Cockroach extermination is very very important as cockroaches are known careers of many diseases. They can also contaminate your oped food sources and drinking water. Cockroaches are hard to kill and it’s almost very difficult to point out the exact source of the cockroach infestation. We are providing you with some tips for cockroach pest control and cockroach extermination.

Below-Mentioned For Cockroach Control at Home.

  1. Checking any sign of Cockroach infestation

    Cockroaches prefer to live in dark, damp and moist places. Always check your plumbing pipes and drainages for any sign of cockroach infestation. If you happen to see any crack, seal it permanently. Bathrooms and kitchens should be well cleaned and proper hygiene should be maintained. Use of home cleaners and pesticides are advised.

  1. Devoid them of Food

    Pest infestation is almost directly dependent on their food and nourishment. If you avoid keeping food in open and don’t leave food crumbs lying around, this will turn out to be a good cockroach control method. Foods kept in containers should be properly sealed and kept in fridges. The kitchen and dining table should always be cleaned after preparing and eating food.

  1. Cockroach Killing Home remedy

    Borax or Boric acid is an easily available product in the market. Borax is the most common chemical used for cockroach extermination. It is safe to use and easy to deliver in every corner.

    • Borax or Boric Acid
    • Sugar or flour
    • Bacon Dripping
    • Water

    Mix all the ingredients above to make a dove. Use your gloves and make small balls of this dough. These balls are poisonous for cockroaches and can easily be placed around the sources of the cockroach infestation. Place them in clutter or paper trash, put them deep inside drains and pipes and anywhere in the kitchen and bathrooms. These balls can be used in laboratories and sewage too. This excellent anti-roach method is easy to prepare and works for a long time and will help you in cockroach control and cockroach extermination.

Cockroach Infestation

Cockroach Infestation

Professional Assistance:

Cockroach infestation and other kinds of pest infestation require the involvement of professional pest controllers. Pest Destroy provides one of the best pest control services in Adelaide and with the latest machinery and well-crafted products, we will make your homes and offices pest-free. After the pest and cockroach extermination, we further sanitize your homes and deodorise every place. You will never have to think about taking care of pest infestation again. We can guarantee that.

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