The Real Difference Between Fleas and Bed Bugs

Many people do not know the difference between flea and Bed Bugs. They often misunderstand a Bed Bugs bite Fleas. Let us make it more clear and tell you the fact. Though both look similar you can make out the difference when it’s a bed bug or fleas.

Every home suffers from the infestation of bed bugs and fleas. This is an annoying issue and homemakers are unable to get rid of the problem from the root. The serious issue starts with crazy scratching and takes out all your peace of mind. No matter if it is bugs or Fleas Infestation. Treatments are necessary in both cases. Hence it should be identified first to implement the right treatment for the most effective result.

Bed Bug Pest Control
Bed Bug Pest Control

Identify The Difference Between Bed Bugs and Fleas:

  • Feed On:   Both bed bugs and fleas need a warm-blooded host to feed on. The difference is that while fleas tend to prefer feeding on animals like cows, dogs, and cats, bed bugs get their blood meals from the human body.
  • Infestation:   You can get fleas infestation in your home if you have access to outdoor wildlife like cows, cats, and dogs to your home. It is quite possible to get fleas infestation from pets also. bed bugs can come from outside and grow in your home furniture.
  • Survival:   Bed bugs are more dangerous and it is next to impossible to remove them from home applying manual tricks. They can survive up to a year without feeding, while adult fleas cannot live more than two weeks with no food.
  • Nature of the Creatures:  Bed bugs are the laziest creatures on the planet. They do not fly or jump. Even they walk very slowly. They only crawl across your bed when they need to feed. On the contrary, Fleas used to jump. They travel to many places in search of new sources of food.
  • Risk and Danger:  The most serious issue about fleas is that they can spread diseases like plague, typhus, and cat-scratch fever while bed bugs have the ability to pass on human pathogens only.

Do not just ignore the issue. Identify the infestation and act accordingly with the right treatment to remove the mess from the root. Do a detailed analysis and investigation of the things. Call a professional Bed Bug Pest Controllers Adelaide team for the best help.

Bed Bug Removal Service
Bed Bug Removal Service

A good Pest Control Service is the only solution to the menace. The trained and skilled professionals provide you with a holistic approach to deal with the pest issue. They have the right knowledge to deal with the home infestation. They will take corrective action for future safety. Knowing the things will help to apply the right doses of pesticide.

Hire Professional Services

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