Steps To Remove Creepy Corn Borer From Your Home

It will be disgusting and frustrating when you come across a corn borer in your home or your garden. The problem with these pests is that they would create such havoc in your home that you would just want to get rid of them. If they have been in your garden then they will work towards destroying all the plantations that prevail. They can cause a lot of damage too. If you want to remove a creepy corn borer from your home then here are a few steps. 

Borer Control Services
Borer Control Services

You can follow all of the important steps for the removal of corn borer.

1. Use the relevant pesticides

You should buy the pesticides that are specifically meant for the corn borers. You should spray them every 4-5 days in the area where these pests have infested. This kind of application will make sure that the corn borers would get destroyed when they are at the larva stage. So, make sure that you repeat the application of pesticides.

2. Use sticky traps for the borers

You can place a few sticky traps in the garden area. Then this will assure that the borers get stuck in this trap and they would get reduced in their population.

3. Hire a pest control company

If you want to remove a creepy corn borer from your home all you must do is hand over the task to the Pest Exterminator in Adelaide. They will diagnose the condition in your garden, in the place where there are plantations, and also in your home. If they have some preventive and curative pesticide solutions, they will give you the best option. 

4. Application of mineral oil

If you are looking forward to getting rid of the borers then your main consideration should be to keep the plantations safe. In the cornfields, they would tend to make major havoc. All you need to do is apply mineral oil to the silk leaves. So, this can help you get rid of the corn borers at the early stages only. If you wish to find out the fact that how the corn borers react and how they will show up on the signs. These things would mean that they are still there. You will see holes in the leaves and this is how you will know what you need to do further to remove the corn borers. So, you need to do the borer treatment.


You need to get rid of the corn borers as they are risky for grains, plantations, and other things. All you need to do is get rid of these because, if they start with just a few, then soon they will be too many. This is how the corn borers will frustrate you and disgust you. Plan everything in such a way that you need to be clear about making life easy. Pests tend to create havoc and what you must do is plan things in such a way that you would get rid of all kinds of pests including the corn borers from your home and also at the plantations that you have. To learn more about how we can assist you with pest control services cost, contact us.

Jimme is a certified pest controller. Till now he has served more than 100 pest control solutions with zero error. He prefers to run a post pest control inspection to ensure the best result.