Termite Problems: 10 Signs You May Have A Termite Infestation

Termites are dangerous pests that damage your property in a short time. Termite damages the structural instability of your property. In this blog, we will tell you different termite infestation signs at your property. So that you can cure them before any damage is done at your property. Fortunately, there are many types of termite infestation signs. We have outlined some termite signs below. 

10 common signs of termite infestation signs

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  • Flying termites: flying termites is a good sign of developing termite infestation. These types of flying termites are known as swarmers. Flying termites search for a place at your property. Critically, flying termites do this to make the termite colony. Some termites make their trap during the night. However, some flying termites make a trap during the night. But flying termites are mostly active after rain. So, keep a check on termites around your property. Additionally, you also look inside and outside your property, where the termites could settle. 
  • Papery sound in wood material: hollow-sounding of wood is another termite infestation sign. Termites eat the wood inside and out. Moreover, termites leave a narrow layer behind. Even termite can make their termite colony on the painted wall. However, when you knock on the damaged area due to termites. You will hear some papery sound from the damaged area. Hence, the reason for that hollow sound is termites have eaten your wood internally excluding that thin layer. 
  • Tight-fitting of doors and windows: if your home doors and windows are hard to open. Moreover, you feel that the tight-fitting of doors is due to humid weather.  However, it can be due to the termites. Tight-fitting of doors and windows are the other termite infestation signs. Termite when it eats your wooden doors and windows creates moisture. Hence, due to moisture, windows and doors become sticky. Thus, doors and windows become hard to open. 
  • Termites head-banging: you are sitting in a room alone and there is complete silence. Suddenly, you hear some sound from the walls. It could be the sound of termites in your walls. However, headbanging is a termite source of communication to warn another termite about the danger. Even termites make noise while eating. You can hear this by putting your ear on the wall. Moreover, termites work faster when they get loud music.  
  • Droppings of termites: termites push the droppings when they enter their nest. This is another type of termite infestation sign. You can see small marks or black powder on the walls. Hence, when you see it, you can easily find the entrance of termites. 
  • Shedding of wings: when the male and female termites find their mate. Then termites discard their wings. Through their wings termites seal it off the chosen spot. Moreover, begin to make new termite colonies. Male and female termites are king and queen of that termite colony. Even, King and Queen take care of the young termites. Discarding of wings is the main termite infestation sign. 
  • Packing of mud: when termites make the termite colony. In that way, termites do the packing of mud. Hence, you will notice that packing is done on the joints of your wall. Moreover, termites continue to damage your property. 
  • Sagging of house flooring: you will notice that your house flooring is sagging. Even house flooring makes some hollow sound. However, the reason for that sagging is termites have eaten more of your house flooring. So, before making the situation worse, try to fix your floors. 
  • Wood tunnels: termites usually make tunnels in your wood. That termite tunnels are known as galleries. When you can’t see the tunnel in your house. However, there are small tunnels that can be found in windows or floors. It is another sign that you have termites at your home. Hence, there is some advanced technology to find termite tunnels.
  • White Ants: there are no white ants on this earth. When termites lose their wings they look like white ants. So if you notice white ants at your home. It is not white ants, they are termites. Thus, there is no difference between termites and white ants. 

How can our termite control experts solve your termite problem? 

If you find that you have termites at your property. Then, no need to wait for their reaction at your home. Possibly, it causes great damage to your property, when you wait for too long. However, you must contact a termite professional for regular inspections and treatments.

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