How To Get Rid Of Huntsman Spiders

The word “spider” is frightening enough for most of us. They are found all over the world with thousands of species. When it comes to huntsman spiders they can be found in tropical and subtropical climates. They are large hairy spiders and they have long spindly legs. Hence the name huntsman spider. Before jumping into “ how to get rid of huntsman spiders’ ‘ let’s look at some facts about them. 

How to spot Huntsman Spiders?

Huntsman spiders are pretty easy to spot as they grow up to 3 inches and have pretty hairy legs. You can also see them wandering around your house at night.

Are Huntsman spiders dangerous to humans?

Huntsman spiders are definitely not deadly. Although if it bites you, you might get some serious itching. The condition can worsen up as it depends on how poisonous it can be. If you see them, do not attempt to get rid of the huntsman spiders by yourself as it can be pretty dangerous. We suggest seeking our professional pest control services. But if you have decided to give it a try, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

11 Best Tips on how to get rid of huntsman spiders

1) Container and a piece of cardboard

You need to have a clear jar. The second thing you need is cardboard. Now go to a safe distance of the spider and place the jar directly on the huntsman spider. Now simply slip the cardboard underneath the jar. It is effective when the surface is flat. Like a wall. The next thing you wanna do is leave the spider out of your home. 

2) Natural oil spray

Most likely every spider hates the smell of natural oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree or even citrus and peppermint. You can regularly spray them around the windows or your door or any possible entranceway of your house. In a bottle take some water and put some drops of essential oil. 

3) Clean home

Attics are a perfect place for them to breed. It’s dark and perfectly protected from the outside environment. Thus, a perfect breeding ground for the spiders. Cleaning up your garage or any dark places might help get rid of them.

4) Moths

Moths are good food for spiders and they easily attract them. Especially cloth moths are an easy target. Cleaning up your closet, rugs or wool materials is essential as cloth moths seem to feed on them. Where they are prey, there is a predator. 

5) Cracks and openings

Keep a special eye for cracks in the windows, on the walls, on the floor.  They can breed in the attic and garage and enter your house through the small cracks that are connected through it. Sealing them with proper material is always recommended. 

6) Moisture

A dehumidifier might be quite helpful. Excessive humidity attracts various kinds of insects and thus can attract spiders. it’s good they will reduce the number of insects in your household but the number of spiders will increase.

7) Insects

ants and cockroaches, even moths are easy prey for them if you get infestations of these insects which are a pest among themselves. They can invite a bigger pest that is the huntsman spiders. Regular pest control is recommended for each of these pests to keep in check.

8) Vegetation

Weeds in the perimeter can cause huntsman spiders to get a  welcome at your home and can be difficult in getting rid of huntsman spiders. Keep in check of your shrubs, trees, and small plants. If you have a rock decoration then you might wanna keep a check on it too. The more the vegetation, the more possibility of getting huntsman spiders at your home.

9) turn off Lights 

The simplest way to remember is that light attracts insects and in turn insects attract spiders. You might wanna consider turning off your outdoor lights to avoid the possible entry of the huntsman spiders at your home. Therefore, no bright outdoor lights at night.

10) Vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner can be a great idea. This might suck up the spiders from the corners. Also, it can give you the advantage of getting rid of the spider’s eggs and webs. This can save you a big future hassle of more spiders being bred at your house. 

11) Sticky trap

All you need is a nontoxic trap. You just need glue. The spider will stick to the glue part and now you have caught the spider. You can easily go further away from your home and release the spider.

How can we help you? 

Get our best professional pest control to get rid of huntsman spiders. We are ready 24/7 for Spider Control in Adelaide. Dial our toll-free number now and keep your home safe and sound!

Jimme is a certified pest controller. Till now he has served more than 100 pest control solutions with zero error. He prefers to run a post pest control inspection to ensure the best result.