How much does pest control service cost?

Pests are destructive enough to snatch peace from your life. So, if you have spotted them on your premises, it’s time to get alarmed and alert. This is the time when you should get in touch with the right people who can make your dwellings pest-free. A professional has all the expertise and knowledge to trace the pests and evacuate them from your house. But do you have any idea How much does pest control service cost? To know about the Pest control service cost you can go through the complete blog. Before that, you should know about the common pests which are controlled or removed by most pest controllers. 

does pest control service cost
does pest control service cost

10 Most commonly traced pests in your surroundings that pest controllers remove

  1. Bed bugs: They are bloodsuckers who always latch on to your skin at night to disturb your sound sleep. This may cause swelling and bumps on areas of bites even allergies at times.
  2. Birds: If you think birds cause no damage to your houses, then you may be wrong. They make nests and carry a lot of straws to make them. Due to this other birds also take a chance to build nests.
  3. Cockroaches: These creepers are the major source of diseases. They can contaminate your food items and cause diarrhoea and many other unwanted problems.
  4. Rodents: These are the fastest spreading pests and equally damaging. You can’t run behind them to trap them as they are so quick in vanishing away.
  5. Spiders: They create webs in the corners and ceilings which look shabby. The webs can be seen around the house within a few days if they are not removed.  
  6. Possums: They are noise-making creatures who find shelter in your garages generally. 
  7. Snakes: Snakes are venomous which is a well-known fact. So, spotting them even once can be dangerous especially for kids.
  8. Termites: Pests like termites make your walls hollow and eat up your furniture from the inside. They are enemies of your timber and wooden furniture. 
  9. Ants: They look tiny but cannot be ignored. They move in groups and make holes. They can bite you badly.
  10. Bees: These stinging insects can be dangerous for anyone. Be careful when they are around you. 

List Of Pest Control Minimum Costs You Have To Pay

$120 to $700: A price range for all pest control services, based on national averages. It includes the following:

  • $130 for a 3 bedroom house (one-off treatment internal and external spray only)
  • $170 for a 4 bedroom house (one-off treatment internal and external spray only)
  • $150 – $275 for indoor flea and tick treatment
  • $250 – $300 for rodent removal
  • $225 for possum removal
  • $180 – $225 for termite control of an isolated area
  • $250 for a pre-purchase pest inspection
  • $300 – $600 for a combined building and pest inspection

What factors can increase or decrease pest control costs for you? 

Hiring a pest controller can always be easy. All you need to do is do good research about the pest control companies and give them a call at the right time. Pest control service cost cannot be the same always as it depends on various things:

  1. Level of infestation: The level of an infestation can only be judged after the inspection of the site. Once the pest controllers visit your place, they can give you an estimated quote regarding the same.
  2. Area of infestation: This is also an important thing to consider. The more is the area of infestation, the more is the product quantity. This also affects the cost of pest treatment.
  3. Type of treatment that needs to be chosen as per the situation: You can choose any treatment be it eco-friendly or chemical products. Chemicals are of low cost as compared to organic products.
  4. Plans to be opted, like monthly, quarterly or annually: You can opt for any plan as per the requirement. It can be a one go treatment or you can consider a monthly visit plan. This also affects the pest control service cost
  5. Type of pests: Pest control service cost also depends upon the type of pests. Some pests take less time to get evicted as compared to other pests. Deeply rooted infestations are costlier than easy to spot pests.

Points to be considered while hiring a pest control company

  • Check for the licenses and certifications
  • Work experience in the industry
  • Testimonials and reviews of the customers
  • Budget-friendly and safety policy
  • Types of products used by the pest control company
  • Can they provide you with written quotes
  • How long will the treatment be effective

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