Harms of Tick Infestations

Summer is a time when people and their kids enjoy going outside beaches, and parks. It is also the time when the various types of pests occur and find a way to enter your house. You might have heard of ticks, don’t you? These eight-legged tiny pests usually, can be found in grassy and wooded areas. You should be always conscious of ticks because getting in contact with them can be harmful. Ticks are small in size but they are known for spreading diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  Ticks are also harmful to pets. Ticks are able to suck your blood because they are not insects but classified into the category of spiders. Dealing with ticks on own can be critical, therefore, calling a professional tick control services would be the best option for you.

Harms Of Tick Infestations
Harms Of Tick Infestations

Harm That Ticks Pose

Because of their different types, they can pose various diseases to people. And here are the harms that they pose to humans:

  • Black-legged ticks are identified to spread Powassan encephalitis, Anaplasmosis, Lyme infection, human babesiosis, and more.
  • Infection posed to dogs and their sting can also lead to tick-borne diseases including canine ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain fever, and canine Babesia.
  • Ticks need blood to survive, thus, they are really harmful to you and your pets.
  • Ticks cannot fly nor do they jump thus, they simply crawl on the ground and grassy areas to pry on a host. 
  • Few ticks prefer sucking the blood of dogs because they find them an easy target. Which can be really dire for the pets.
  • Whenever ticks attack a host they can stay firmly attached for days and nights until they suck enough blood to survive.
  • Tick Control for subsistence on time is very important. Hence, call a reliable pest control company today.

Why Choose Us?

Hire the professional pest control company Pest Destroy today if you are encountering problems because of ticks. Ticks can cause various infections to people and pets, hence, it is really crucial to keep them away from your house and if you do not want to get stung by them then call us now. You will also get the Best Pest Control Services in Adelaide and tick extermination at reasonable costs. We have decades of familiarity in this industry. And our professionals are combat-ready to control all kinds of pest infestations from your house. So, call us now for more offers.

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