Does Your Company Provide a Proper Bed Bug Control Service?

Yes, we provide an effective treatment to control Bed bugs. A bed bug is a nasty, bloodsucking and hard to get rid of kind of creature. Our team of professionals has got various methods to Bed Bugs Control and make your place cleaner and safer. Call Pest Destroy now for the effective removal of bed bugs from your home.

Is your Company a Certified Pest Control Company?

Pest Destroy is a certified pest control company in Adelaide. We are the leader in pest control and assure you that we can handle any pest infestation. We have a team of reliable, honest, and experienced pest controllers, who have been serving locals for more than two decades. Our priority is to meet our client’s expectations and make their premises pest-free. 

What is your pest control procedure?

First of all, the professionals look for the signs of the pest, and identify the infestation extent, and then decide the right method for the pest control treatment. After a thorough inspection, the team applies effective chemicals to pest-prone areas. The professionals know where the pests are hiding, and hence they treat those particular areas of your place. Once the process is carried out successfully, our professionals arrange revisits to your place, to make sure there is no recurrence.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we do provide services on weekends. We highly understand that many of our clients have a busy life and do not find time on weekdays. We have dedicated and well-trained pest controllers who are ready to provide service according to your availability.