Do electronic insect repellers really work?

One of the most famous insect control methods is electronic insect repellers. But the question is do they really work? Before that, we will know what this is and how it works. 

What is an Electronic Insect Repeller?

It is a device that is used by an electric supply to repel and control insects. When we turn on this device then it emits high pitched sounds or vibrations. This sound or vibration helps them to keep insects away from the home or commercial sites.

This device is totally safe for kids and pets too. Unlike many other pest control treatments, in this, there is no use of the chemical substance. Thus it is eco-friendly too. This is suitable for garden areas, homes, restaurants, academic institutions, child healthcare centres, and many more. When we turn on this device, then insects can not bear those sounds emitting from the device. The sound helps to keep insects away! Moreover, it uses less electricity. Thus, without worrying, purchase electronic insect repellers to eradicate insects from your home.

electronic insect repellers really work
electronic insect repellers really work

How does it work?

Electronic insect repellents work on the idea of using high-frequency sounds. These sounds are said to drive all the insects away. This is said to be an effective method of repelling insects and rodents. Not only rodents and insects but sonic and ultrasonic frequencies have been said to repel cockroaches and other pests too. 

Today, we are here to answer all your questions about whether electronic insect repellents actually work or not. To understand electronic insect repellents and the truth behind their use as successful insect repellents, read further.

Do electronic Insect Repellers really work?

Well, it is not clear yet. Some studies and research say they work and help to keep insects away from the property. On the other hand, according to some researchers, it worsens the condition and does exactly the opposite. A study recorded in a journal states that electronic insect repellers when turned on, the device actually increased the rate of insects by 50%.

In conclusion, we can say that Electric Insect Repellers are not an effective option for keeping insects away or eradicating them when they enter our property. As a result, hiring professionals is an ideal solution. So that they can suggest to you according to condition. Pest Exterminators first thoroughly investigate the property then take necessary actions according to the requirement. Moreover, they have complete knowledge so they can help you by giving some prevention tips!

Are Electronic Insect Repellents Safe For Kids And Pets?

It is totally safe for kids as there is no use of the chemical substance. The only thing is to be kept in mind that kids are away from electric plugs. When it comes to your pets then the impact depends on the type of pet you have. 

If we are talking about long-term results then, you may be concerned about it. If you face trouble because of insects then contact a professional pest control company. There is no need to handle the condition alone when you can take help. If you have pets then first talk to your veterinarian about this device after you buy them.

Do You Want To Talk To Experts Regarding This?

Home remedies and electronic devices may not help you much in getting rid of insects. We have the best pest control experts who can discuss your problem without any hassle. Also, we provide the most suitable solution for your problem so that you do not have to face the same problem every day. There is no doubt in the fact that our Pest Destroy services are effective and affordable. All you need to do is call us at 08 7100 9071 to share your problems and get what you want with us. 

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