DIY Methods One Can Opt for Rodent Control

Rodents occur regularly in your rooms, kitchens; and are so vulnerable to your clean home. Thus it becomes impossible to keep the house clean in the presence of rodents. Hence, there is a need to control them over time. One who wants to eliminate them using chemicals and other methods can opt for cheap and eco-friendly ways which will help you to control the rodents.

The given below are some of the DIY methods; which are also used during Rodent Pest Control Services. The ones who are looking for these natural rodent pest control services then can seek Pest Destroy which provides you with the best services.

Rodent Control
Rodent Control

These are The Methods you can Use for Natural Rodent Control

  • Use of Electric Fly Traps –  This is the best method for rodent pest control. In this, a large cage is made using the wires, after that the metal plate covers the cage and the food material is hanged inside the cage to attract the rat towards it.  After that, the cage is connected to wires, and these wires are attached to the jumpers and 12V battery to pass the current over the cage. Thus, when the rat enters the cage gets an electric shock and died.
  • One Can Opt for Bottle Fly Trap – These are the best, the method in which the wasted plastic bottles can be used to trap the rats. This is one of the efficient techniques for control. In this, the bottle is cut from the top then the barbwire of the same size is attached to it from the top along with glue is applied to it.  Thus, the barbed wire is used in a swinging way and the food is hanged inside the bottle; which lures the rodents and when they enter they get captured in this bottle.
  • Use of Wooden Traps – These are other traps used which are strong enough and do not break easily. This is another fast way for rodent pest control.  In these wooden boxes are made, and the opening of the boxes is having several holes and is made of wire. The opening is swinging; and inside the bottle, the solid food material is placed hanged with the wire. Thus, when the rats get inside it the doors attached closes automatically.
  • Bucket Traps – These are the other traps in which buckets are used by filling water in them. After that when the water is filled in the buckets. Put these buckets in the kitchen and other areas where you find rats. After, that put lightweight wooden planks on it. When the rats come upon wooden planks and put pressure, they fall into buckets and are not able to rescue.
Rodent Pest Control
Rodent Pest Control


The information gives an overview of the different DIY methods which one can opt for rodent pest control. Thus, if one is looking for rodent pest control services they can contact Pest Destroy as they provide you with more DIY ideas to control the pest.

Jimme is a certified pest controller. Till now he has served more than 100 pest control solutions with zero error. He prefers to run a post pest control inspection to ensure the best result.