Difference Between White Ants And Termites

It can be pretty hard to tell white ants and termites apart. You might get confused about the difference between white ants and termites. When it comes to white ants vs termites. Yes, they both are white. And yes, it might get confusing. But here are some basic differences that will help you find out if you have termites infestation or are just simply white ants.

White ants or simply termites? Let’s find out the difference between white ants vs termites

1] White ants

When you see ants at your house, you seemingly don’t think much but what if you see white coloured ants? Then definitely it’s time to worry! Ants come in various colours depending on their species but white is not one of them. When you see a white coloured ant, well that’s not an ant but a termite! Do not mistake them for ants. Remember, the white coloured looking ant is equal to a termite! They are similar in size and shape and are present in huge numbers building a colony of themselves at your home for sure.

Ants are similarly different from termites. They don’t feed on wood or plant material as termites do. They will tend to collect your leftover food particles which you dropped on the floor. Like helping you clean up a little. Whereas termites have a reputation for destroying your home. Especially if your house is mostly made out of wood.

Ants can easily be identified and distinguished from termites. If you look closely you will notice their body is built a little different from termites. Ants have three different body segments while termites bodies are relatively straight.

2] Termites

People have a hard time recognizing termites! We usually don’t know what termites look like. Some people call them white ants. There are simple keep points to understand while trying to identify termites.

First, look at the body segment. They are wide and have narrowed mid-body sections. Second, look at the colour. They will appear light coloured, almost clear or translucent in light to a tan colour while in the ground. Third, there are a worker and reproductive termites which differ in size slightly. With the reproductive termites having black bodies and wings to fly. They fly out to build a new colony. 

The queen termite is going to be the largest just like a queen bee. And remember all termites will lack a pair of eyes. They use their antenna for everything. Another distinguishable feature is that ants have eyes.

What Are The Differences Between white Ants vs termites? 

Let’s break down the key differences between white ants vs Termites or let’s say Termites vs White Ants. Let’s take a look at them.

When it comes to ants vs termites. Both have a head, thorax, six legs and an abdomen. Both are tiny and are similar in size. These ants and termites also have big species. Both have a large queen which is the largest in the whole colony and can lay eggs to reproduce and build a huge colony. For fertilizing the eggs, there are kings, yes not one king but multiple kings. The white ants vs termites have worker termites and worker ants. And both have let’s say soldier ants and soldier termites to defend their nest from predators or any particular danger.

Remember there are different species of ants and termites. When all the above points are common for the identification of an ant vs termite. For particular species identification, you might need an expert.

Key identification between white ants vs termites

1] Midsection:

Ants have slender waists whereas termites don’t. Termites midsection don’t have segments but the width is continuous and gradually increases from the thorax to the abdomen. Quite an easy difference.

2] Antennae:

Another key point to notice when it comes to ants vs termites. Termites have straight antennas whereas ants have elbow antennas. Meaning the antenna can fold like our elbow joint. Termites don’t have that antenna that can bend.

3] Wings:

Another set of differences that can be seen pretty easily is that Termites have equal wing lengths throughout. Whereas ants have two rear wings. The front two are shorter than the back wings.

4] Behavior

Termites hide underground. Whereas ants can be easily seen roaming on the ground in search of food. Ants are easier to find. Termites are well hidden. Because termites have a soft body that is the reason they usually hide underground. Whereas ants have tough skin as compared to termites. 

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