5 Myths You Should Know About Termites

When you come across termites, the first thing that will come to your mind is structural damage. In that case, it is important to quickly get rid of them. Termites can damage the furniture and the walls and finally, this can be a risky thing. When you come across termite infestation, you should look out for termite controlBut before that, it would be better to bust off a few myths about termites.

Myth 1: Termites Would Spread Various Kinds Of Diseases

When it comes to termites, you should understand that basically, they create issues such as structural damage and furniture damage. They do not carry any disease and hence there cannot be any kind of issues. Termites are bad and you must get rid of them. But, they would not cause sickness. Thus, understand the facts and get ahead with the relevant solutions.

Myth 2: You Can Easily Find Them And Know About Them

Some people feel that it is easy to find termites and know that they have started destroying the structure. But, they are silent damages. You will not be able to understand the infestation too soon.

Myth 3: You Can Rely On Home Remedies For Termite Control

If you have termite issues in your home then you will have to take the help of a Pest Control Company for termite removal. If you rely on home remedies then this will not work to a greater extent. With home remedies, you will not get quick results. That is the reason why you should not just rely on that. Start with the aggressive termite treatment in your home with the help of a reliable and reputed pest control company.

Myth 4: Termites Eat Concrete

There’s one more myth that people have in mind. They feel that termites would eat concrete. This is wrong. They go through concrete by chewing it. The ultimate destination where it wants to reach is the wood. So, when you come across the fact that the termites have started damaging the wood or it is chewing concrete, you should take relevant measures soon.

Myth 5: Once You Do Termite Treatment, You Will Never Have To Take Up Any Other Treatment

This is again a myth. It is important to note that termites would not come again if you treat them well. This means that, once the pest control treatment for termite control is done, you will not see them again. But, it is not so. You should get the maintenance treatment done once in a while.


If you can bust off the above myths then you will get the best results. So, take up the right remedies and understand how you can maintain the home pretty well. Doing pest control at regular intervals can keep the pests away. With termite control, you will be able to get the best results. So, keep an eye on these basic things. Make sure that you know what you should do.

Jimme is a certified pest controller. Till now he has served more than 100 pest control solutions with zero error. He prefers to run a post pest control inspection to ensure the best result.