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5 Myths You Should Know About Termites

When you come across termites, the first thing that will come to your mind is structural damage. In that case, it is important to quickly get rid of them. Termites can damage the furniture and the walls and finally, this can be a risky thing. When you come across termite infestation, you should look out for termite controlBut before that, it would be better to bust off a few myths about termites.

Myth 1: Termites Would Spread Various Kinds Of Diseases

When it comes to termites, you should understand that basically, they create issues such as structural damage and furniture damage. They do not carry any disease and hence there cannot be any kind of issues. Termites are bad and you must get rid of them. But, they would not cause sickness. Thus, understand the facts and get ahead with the relevant solutions.

Myth 2: You Can Easily Find Them And Know About Them

Some people feel that it is easy to find termites and know that they have started destroying the structure. But, they are silent damages. You will not be able to understand the infestation too soon.

Myth 3: You Can Rely On Home Remedies For Termite Control

If you have termite issues in your home then you will have to take the help of a Pest Control Company for termite removal. If you rely on home remedies then this will not work to a greater extent. With home remedies, you will not get quick results. That is the reason why you should not just rely on that. Start with the aggressive termite treatment in your home with the help of a reliable and reputed pest control company.

Myth 4: Termites Eat Concrete

There’s one more myth that people have in mind. They feel that termites would eat concrete. This is wrong. They go through concrete by chewing it. The ultimate destination where it wants to reach is the wood. So, when you come across the fact that the termites have started damaging the wood or it is chewing concrete, you should take relevant measures soon.

Myth 5: Once You Do Termite Treatment, You Will Never Have To Take Up Any Other Treatment

This is again a myth. It is important to note that termites would not come again if you treat them well. This means that, once the pest control treatment for termite control is done, you will not see them again. But, it is not so. You should get the maintenance treatment done once in a while.


If you can bust off the above myths then you will get the best results. So, take up the right remedies and understand how you can maintain the home pretty well. Doing pest control at regular intervals can keep the pests away. With termite control, you will be able to get the best results. So, keep an eye on these basic things. Make sure that you know what you should do.

It will be disgusting and frustrating when you come across a corn borer in your home or your garden. The problem with these pests is that they would create such havoc in your home that you would just want to get rid of them. If they have been in your garden then they will work towards destroying all the plantations that prevail. They can cause a lot of damage too. If you want to remove a creepy corn borer from your home then here are a few steps. 

Borer Control Services
Borer Control Services

You can follow all of the important steps for the removal of corn borer.

1. Use the relevant pesticides

You should buy the pesticides that are specifically meant for the corn borers. You should spray them every 4-5 days in the area where these pests have infested. This kind of application will make sure that the corn borers would get destroyed when they are at the larva stage. So, make sure that you repeat the application of pesticides.

2. Use sticky traps for the borers

You can place a few sticky traps in the garden area. Then this will assure that the borers get stuck in this trap and they would get reduced in their population.

3. Hire a pest control company

If you want to remove a creepy corn borer from your home all you must do is hand over the task to the Pest Exterminator in Adelaide. They will diagnose the condition in your garden, in the place where there are plantations, and also in your home. If they have some preventive and curative pesticide solutions, they will give you the best option. 

4. Application of mineral oil

If you are looking forward to getting rid of the borers then your main consideration should be to keep the plantations safe. In the cornfields, they would tend to make major havoc. All you need to do is apply mineral oil to the silk leaves. So, this can help you get rid of the corn borers at the early stages only. If you wish to find out the fact that how the corn borers react and how they will show up on the signs. These things would mean that they are still there. You will see holes in the leaves and this is how you will know what you need to do further to remove the corn borers. So, you need to do the borer treatment.


You need to get rid of the corn borers as they are risky for grains, plantations, and other things. All you need to do is get rid of these because, if they start with just a few, then soon they will be too many. This is how the corn borers will frustrate you and disgust you. Plan everything in such a way that you need to be clear about making life easy. Pests tend to create havoc and what you must do is plan things in such a way that you would get rid of all kinds of pests including the corn borers from your home and also at the plantations that you have. To learn more about how we can assist you with pest control services cost, contact us.

Fleas are annoying pests, but in general, they rarely bite people. However, if you have pets, there are high chances they infest your yard, house, and other areas. But professionals at Pest Control Adelaide say it is better to eliminate fleas before they completely invade the home. It is because they reproduce rapidly and can lay dozens of eggs a day!  So, let us know here how to treat and get rid of fleas.

Treating Yard To Get Rid Of Fleas

To stop the infestation in the home, first, you should start from outside. Take a look at your yard and find out where they can hide; probably, it is humid and shady areas of the field. Once identified, here is what Adelaide pest control professional says to do:

  • Remove dead leaves, flower beds, and low-hanging branches.
  • Trim tall grasses and mow lawn throughout the year.
  • Focus on the areas where pets lie down and practice a clean yard.
  • Ensure maximum sunlight reaches shaded areas.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas From Home?

Pest control in Adelaide suggests treating the yard and home on the same day. Here are what you can do for flea removal:

  • A regular powerful vacuum sucks eggs, larvae, and fleas in carpeting, upholstery, and floors.
  • The combination of high heat and soap kills fleas; therefore, clean all the bedding.
  • Sprinkle non-toxic powder on the carpet and furniture to eliminate them.
  • Additionally, if the infestation is high, consider calling exterminators.

Don’t Forget Your Pets Need To Save From Flea Bites!

Fleas are dangerous pests for pets because they bite and cause infections. In addition, they spread diseases in cats and dogs include murine typhus, Flea tapeworm, Tungiasis, Anemia, and iron deficiencies.

  • Wash and dry everything, especially stuff your pets use.
  • Then, bath them with non-toxic flea shampoo.
  • Use a flea comb to groom your pets and catch them into a cup of soapy water to kill.
  • Use natural flea killer sprays that are safe for children and pets.

One Last Strategy-Hiring A Pest Control Professional In Adelaide!

Removing heavy flea infestation is frustrating and time-consuming. However, if you choose chemical methods to treat, you should always handle them carefully. The reason behind this is chemicals that are hazardous for pets and children at home without proper training. Therefore, it is best that you left flea removal to an expert pest management company. It is the quickest approach to treat and also stop the future infestation.


Keep in mind that fleas are bloodsucker and can feed on your blood too. Therefore, for the low infestation, follow regular vacuum and clean up. But for heavy infestation, don’t hesitate to contact pest control Adelaide. The early you call them, the fastest your home is flea-free.

Pests like bugs, rodents, silverfish, or other pests can cause conflicts between landlords and tenants. We all know how these tiny crawling pests create a lot of difficulties in our day-to-day life including these pesky pests that spread a lot of diseases. As a result, the first and foremost thing is to eradicate it from the property. Whether the tenant is responsible for this or the landlord, further before we dive the main thing is to keep them away for a healthy environment. 

If you need help to eradicate pests from your rental accommodation then, professional service is always useful. Professional pest exterminators can help you save a lot of time and money. You can make the eradication process through pest exterminators that are highly skilled and certified. 

pest control services
pest control services

When Landlords Are Responsible For Pest Control?

If the pests were there before the start of the tenancy, then the landlord is responsible for pest control.  It may occur due to the poor maintenance of the building. Thus, from time to time maintenance of the property is most important.

If the landlord is failing to fill the gaps or repair damage then there is a high chance that pests will establish a foothold in the property. To avoid pests keep the property well maintained. Fill in and repair the gaps that may allow vermin and pests in.

As we all listen and say, prevention is better than cure. Yes! Actually, prevention is cheaper than cure. If you find traces of pest infestation early, you may save yourself from the further hassle and include high costs later.

We recommend including annual fumigation in your tenancy agreement. If all you need is pest control through professional pest exterminators then it is necessary you hire through local pest control. As they reach your property in less time, hence able to provide you with time-saving and cost-effective pests treatments. Furthermore, these professionals provide you with pest prevention tips also. The best way to keep the property pest-free for a longer duration is by hiring a trusted pest management team- which is the ideal outcome for all. 

When Tenants Are Responsible For Pest Control?

Tenants currently live in the rental property. Then it is their responsibility to make their surroundings clean and pest-free. If the problem is directly linked to the tenant’s behaviour and actions, or lack thereof, then the pest control issue is only the tenant’s responsibility.

If the tenants fail to regularly take out the garbage or leave food out and windows open, then pest exterminators will be able to tell and can relay the cause of the problem to the tenant. That is why, it is necessary to use trash bins for waste food, keep your windows closed, and do not let stagnant water around your living areas help you in pest control.

As a tenant, you must report all the property damage or leaks to your landlord. As they can attract pests into the property. So that you and the landlord both determine the cause of pest infestations and hold reliable actions for pest control Services. In addition, tenants may ask the landlord for pest inspection services or fumigation for pest control.    

What Is A Famous Term For Such Pest Control Needs?

End Of Lease Pest Control is a term most people use for such purposes. Because this pest control question arises only when someone leaves the rented house or comes to start living in a rented house. 

Most landlords will let you live after a rent agreement in which every detail is given for which you will be responsible during your stay. You must read the points clearly mentioned about pest control. This can solve your problem of Who Pays for Pest Control in Rented Accommodation? We also provide same-day Pest Control in Adelaide call 08 7100 9071.

Pests are destructive enough to snatch peace from your life. So, if you have spotted them on your premises, it’s time to get alarmed and alert. This is the time when you should get in touch with the right people who can make your dwellings pest-free. A professional has all the expertise and knowledge to trace the pests and evacuate them from your house. But do you have any idea How much does pest control service cost? To know about the Pest control service cost you can go through the complete blog. Before that, you should know about the common pests which are controlled or removed by most pest controllers. 

does pest control service cost
does pest control service cost

10 Most commonly traced pests in your surroundings that pest controllers remove

  1. Bed bugs: They are bloodsuckers who always latch on to your skin at night to disturb your sound sleep. This may cause swelling and bumps on areas of bites even allergies at times.
  2. Birds: If you think birds cause no damage to your houses, then you may be wrong. They make nests and carry a lot of straws to make them. Due to this other birds also take a chance to build nests.
  3. Cockroaches: These creepers are the major source of diseases. They can contaminate your food items and cause diarrhoea and many other unwanted problems.
  4. Rodents: These are the fastest spreading pests and equally damaging. You can’t run behind them to trap them as they are so quick in vanishing away.
  5. Spiders: They create webs in the corners and ceilings which look shabby. The webs can be seen around the house within a few days if they are not removed.  
  6. Possums: They are noise-making creatures who find shelter in your garages generally. 
  7. Snakes: Snakes are venomous which is a well-known fact. So, spotting them even once can be dangerous especially for kids.
  8. Termites: Pests like termites make your walls hollow and eat up your furniture from the inside. They are enemies of your timber and wooden furniture. 
  9. Ants: They look tiny but cannot be ignored. They move in groups and make holes. They can bite you badly.
  10. Bees: These stinging insects can be dangerous for anyone. Be careful when they are around you. 

List Of Pest Control Minimum Costs You Have To Pay

$120 to $700: A price range for all pest control services, based on national averages. It includes the following:

  • $130 for a 3 bedroom house (one-off treatment internal and external spray only)
  • $170 for a 4 bedroom house (one-off treatment internal and external spray only)
  • $150 – $275 for indoor flea and tick treatment
  • $250 – $300 for rodent removal
  • $225 for possum removal
  • $180 – $225 for termite control of an isolated area
  • $250 for a pre-purchase pest inspection
  • $300 – $600 for a combined building and pest inspection

What factors can increase or decrease pest control costs for you? 

Hiring a pest controller can always be easy. All you need to do is do good research about the pest control companies and give them a call at the right time. Pest control service cost cannot be the same always as it depends on various things:

  1. Level of infestation: The level of an infestation can only be judged after the inspection of the site. Once the pest controllers visit your place, they can give you an estimated quote regarding the same.
  2. Area of infestation: This is also an important thing to consider. The more is the area of infestation, the more is the product quantity. This also affects the cost of pest treatment.
  3. Type of treatment that needs to be chosen as per the situation: You can choose any treatment be it eco-friendly or chemical products. Chemicals are of low cost as compared to organic products.
  4. Plans to be opted, like monthly, quarterly or annually: You can opt for any plan as per the requirement. It can be a one go treatment or you can consider a monthly visit plan. This also affects the pest control service cost
  5. Type of pests: Pest control service cost also depends upon the type of pests. Some pests take less time to get evicted as compared to other pests. Deeply rooted infestations are costlier than easy to spot pests.

Points to be considered while hiring a pest control company

  • Check for the licenses and certifications
  • Work experience in the industry
  • Testimonials and reviews of the customers
  • Budget-friendly and safety policy
  • Types of products used by the pest control company
  • Can they provide you with written quotes
  • How long will the treatment be effective

Call Us For Booking Most Affordable team of pest specialists

(Company name) has been a known name in the town for decades. We cover so many different locations and have attained a reputation working in this segment for so long. So if you have made up your mind to hire a pest control company, then we can be the right choice for you. Hiring us will be extremely affordable for you. We have the protocol of free quotes online and over the call. We prefer making the customer happy and content with our pest control services in Adelaide. Just a call and we will be there for you at your location without any hassle. Give us a chance to serve you and we assure you to make up to your expectations.

One of the most famous insect control methods is electronic insect repellers. But the question is do they really work? Before that, we will know what this is and how it works. 

What is an Electronic Insect Repeller?

It is a device that is used by an electric supply to repel and control insects. When we turn on this device then it emits high pitched sounds or vibrations. This sound or vibration helps them to keep insects away from the home or commercial sites.

This device is totally safe for kids and pets too. Unlike many other pest control treatments, in this, there is no use of the chemical substance. Thus it is eco-friendly too. This is suitable for garden areas, homes, restaurants, academic institutions, child healthcare centres, and many more. When we turn on this device, then insects can not bear those sounds emitting from the device. The sound helps to keep insects away! Moreover, it uses less electricity. Thus, without worrying, purchase electronic insect repellers to eradicate insects from your home.

electronic insect repellers really work
electronic insect repellers really work

How does it work?

Electronic insect repellents work on the idea of using high-frequency sounds. These sounds are said to drive all the insects away. This is said to be an effective method of repelling insects and rodents. Not only rodents and insects but sonic and ultrasonic frequencies have been said to repel cockroaches and other pests too. 

Today, we are here to answer all your questions about whether electronic insect repellents actually work or not. To understand electronic insect repellents and the truth behind their use as successful insect repellents, read further.

Do electronic Insect Repellers really work?

Well, it is not clear yet. Some studies and research say they work and help to keep insects away from the property. On the other hand, according to some researchers, it worsens the condition and does exactly the opposite. A study recorded in a journal states that electronic insect repellers when turned on, the device actually increased the rate of insects by 50%.

In conclusion, we can say that Electric Insect Repellers are not an effective option for keeping insects away or eradicating them when they enter our property. As a result, hiring professionals is an ideal solution. So that they can suggest to you according to condition. Pest Exterminators first thoroughly investigate the property then take necessary actions according to the requirement. Moreover, they have complete knowledge so they can help you by giving some prevention tips!

Are Electronic Insect Repellents Safe For Kids And Pets?

It is totally safe for kids as there is no use of the chemical substance. The only thing is to be kept in mind that kids are away from electric plugs. When it comes to your pets then the impact depends on the type of pet you have. 

If we are talking about long-term results then, you may be concerned about it. If you face trouble because of insects then contact a professional pest control company. There is no need to handle the condition alone when you can take help. If you have pets then first talk to your veterinarian about this device after you buy them.

Do You Want To Talk To Experts Regarding This?

Home remedies and electronic devices may not help you much in getting rid of insects. We have the best pest control experts who can discuss your problem without any hassle. Also, we provide the most suitable solution for your problem so that you do not have to face the same problem every day. There is no doubt in the fact that our Pest Destroy services are effective and affordable. All you need to do is call us at 08 7100 9071 to share your problems and get what you want with us. 

It can be pretty hard to tell white ants and termites apart. You might get confused about the difference between white ants and termites. When it comes to white ants vs termites. Yes, they both are white. And yes, it might get confusing. But here are some basic differences that will help you find out if you have termites infestation or are just simply white ants.

White ants or simply termites? Let’s find out the difference between white ants vs termites

1] White ants

When you see ants at your house, you seemingly don’t think much but what if you see white coloured ants? Then definitely it’s time to worry! Ants come in various colours depending on their species but white is not one of them. When you see a white coloured ant, well that’s not an ant but a termite! Do not mistake them for ants. Remember, the white coloured looking ant is equal to a termite! They are similar in size and shape and are present in huge numbers building a colony of themselves at your home for sure.

Ants are similarly different from termites. They don’t feed on wood or plant material as termites do. They will tend to collect your leftover food particles which you dropped on the floor. Like helping you clean up a little. Whereas termites have a reputation for destroying your home. Especially if your house is mostly made out of wood.

Ants can easily be identified and distinguished from termites. If you look closely you will notice their body is built a little different from termites. Ants have three different body segments while termites bodies are relatively straight.

2] Termites

People have a hard time recognizing termites! We usually don’t know what termites look like. Some people call them white ants. There are simple keep points to understand while trying to identify termites.

First, look at the body segment. They are wide and have narrowed mid-body sections. Second, look at the colour. They will appear light coloured, almost clear or translucent in light to a tan colour while in the ground. Third, there are a worker and reproductive termites which differ in size slightly. With the reproductive termites having black bodies and wings to fly. They fly out to build a new colony. 

The queen termite is going to be the largest just like a queen bee. And remember all termites will lack a pair of eyes. They use their antenna for everything. Another distinguishable feature is that ants have eyes.

What Are The Differences Between white Ants vs termites? 

Let’s break down the key differences between white ants vs Termites or let’s say Termites vs White Ants. Let’s take a look at them.

When it comes to ants vs termites. Both have a head, thorax, six legs and an abdomen. Both are tiny and are similar in size. These ants and termites also have big species. Both have a large queen which is the largest in the whole colony and can lay eggs to reproduce and build a huge colony. For fertilizing the eggs, there are kings, yes not one king but multiple kings. The white ants vs termites have worker termites and worker ants. And both have let’s say soldier ants and soldier termites to defend their nest from predators or any particular danger.

Remember there are different species of ants and termites. When all the above points are common for the identification of an ant vs termite. For particular species identification, you might need an expert.

Key identification between white ants vs termites

1] Midsection:

Ants have slender waists whereas termites don’t. Termites midsection don’t have segments but the width is continuous and gradually increases from the thorax to the abdomen. Quite an easy difference.

2] Antennae:

Another key point to notice when it comes to ants vs termites. Termites have straight antennas whereas ants have elbow antennas. Meaning the antenna can fold like our elbow joint. Termites don’t have that antenna that can bend.

3] Wings:

Another set of differences that can be seen pretty easily is that Termites have equal wing lengths throughout. Whereas ants have two rear wings. The front two are shorter than the back wings.

4] Behavior

Termites hide underground. Whereas ants can be easily seen roaming on the ground in search of food. Ants are easier to find. Termites are well hidden. Because termites have a soft body that is the reason they usually hide underground. Whereas ants have tough skin as compared to termites. 

How Can We Help You?

We are a well-known pest control service provider with experts working in the field who are available for booking 24/7 in all of with open communication channels throughout the week. Dial our toll-free number now get to affordable Pest Control Adelaide Services and have a pest-free surrounding!

Termites are dangerous pests that damage your property in a short time. Termite damages the structural instability of your property. In this blog, we will tell you different termite infestation signs at your property. So that you can cure them before any damage is done at your property. Fortunately, there are many types of termite infestation signs. We have outlined some termite signs below. 

10 common signs of termite infestation signs

The knowledgeable

  • Flying termites: flying termites is a good sign of developing termite infestation. These types of flying termites are known as swarmers. Flying termites search for a place at your property. Critically, flying termites do this to make the termite colony. Some termites make their trap during the night. However, some flying termites make a trap during the night. But flying termites are mostly active after rain. So, keep a check on termites around your property. Additionally, you also look inside and outside your property, where the termites could settle. 
  • Papery sound in wood material: hollow-sounding of wood is another termite infestation sign. Termites eat the wood inside and out. Moreover, termites leave a narrow layer behind. Even termite can make their termite colony on the painted wall. However, when you knock on the damaged area due to termites. You will hear some papery sound from the damaged area. Hence, the reason for that hollow sound is termites have eaten your wood internally excluding that thin layer. 
  • Tight-fitting of doors and windows: if your home doors and windows are hard to open. Moreover, you feel that the tight-fitting of doors is due to humid weather.  However, it can be due to the termites. Tight-fitting of doors and windows are the other termite infestation signs. Termite when it eats your wooden doors and windows creates moisture. Hence, due to moisture, windows and doors become sticky. Thus, doors and windows become hard to open. 
  • Termites head-banging: you are sitting in a room alone and there is complete silence. Suddenly, you hear some sound from the walls. It could be the sound of termites in your walls. However, headbanging is a termite source of communication to warn another termite about the danger. Even termites make noise while eating. You can hear this by putting your ear on the wall. Moreover, termites work faster when they get loud music.  
  • Droppings of termites: termites push the droppings when they enter their nest. This is another type of termite infestation sign. You can see small marks or black powder on the walls. Hence, when you see it, you can easily find the entrance of termites. 
  • Shedding of wings: when the male and female termites find their mate. Then termites discard their wings. Through their wings termites seal it off the chosen spot. Moreover, begin to make new termite colonies. Male and female termites are king and queen of that termite colony. Even, King and Queen take care of the young termites. Discarding of wings is the main termite infestation sign. 
  • Packing of mud: when termites make the termite colony. In that way, termites do the packing of mud. Hence, you will notice that packing is done on the joints of your wall. Moreover, termites continue to damage your property. 
  • Sagging of house flooring: you will notice that your house flooring is sagging. Even house flooring makes some hollow sound. However, the reason for that sagging is termites have eaten more of your house flooring. So, before making the situation worse, try to fix your floors. 
  • Wood tunnels: termites usually make tunnels in your wood. That termite tunnels are known as galleries. When you can’t see the tunnel in your house. However, there are small tunnels that can be found in windows or floors. It is another sign that you have termites at your home. Hence, there is some advanced technology to find termite tunnels.
  • White Ants: there are no white ants on this earth. When termites lose their wings they look like white ants. So if you notice white ants at your home. It is not white ants, they are termites. Thus, there is no difference between termites and white ants. 

How can our termite control experts solve your termite problem? 

If you find that you have termites at your property. Then, no need to wait for their reaction at your home. Possibly, it causes great damage to your property, when you wait for too long. However, you must contact a termite professional for regular inspections and treatments.

We offer termite removal services at the best prices. We make sure to protect your house from termites. Even we have the latest technology to deduct termites at your property. Thus, for knowledgeable termite control Adelaide experts, contact us. 

The word “spider” is frightening enough for most of us. They are found all over the world with thousands of species. When it comes to huntsman spiders they can be found in tropical and subtropical climates. They are large hairy spiders and they have long spindly legs. Hence the name huntsman spider. Before jumping into “ how to get rid of huntsman spiders’ ‘ let’s look at some facts about them. 

How to spot Huntsman Spiders?

Huntsman spiders are pretty easy to spot as they grow up to 3 inches and have pretty hairy legs. You can also see them wandering around your house at night.

Are Huntsman spiders dangerous to humans?

Huntsman spiders are definitely not deadly. Although if it bites you, you might get some serious itching. The condition can worsen up as it depends on how poisonous it can be. If you see them, do not attempt to get rid of the huntsman spiders by yourself as it can be pretty dangerous. We suggest seeking our professional pest control services. But if you have decided to give it a try, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

11 Best Tips on how to get rid of huntsman spiders

1) Container and a piece of cardboard

You need to have a clear jar. The second thing you need is cardboard. Now go to a safe distance of the spider and place the jar directly on the huntsman spider. Now simply slip the cardboard underneath the jar. It is effective when the surface is flat. Like a wall. The next thing you wanna do is leave the spider out of your home. 

2) Natural oil spray

Most likely every spider hates the smell of natural oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree or even citrus and peppermint. You can regularly spray them around the windows or your door or any possible entranceway of your house. In a bottle take some water and put some drops of essential oil. 

3) Clean home

Attics are a perfect place for them to breed. It’s dark and perfectly protected from the outside environment. Thus, a perfect breeding ground for the spiders. Cleaning up your garage or any dark places might help get rid of them.

4) Moths

Moths are good food for spiders and they easily attract them. Especially cloth moths are an easy target. Cleaning up your closet, rugs or wool materials is essential as cloth moths seem to feed on them. Where they are prey, there is a predator. 

5) Cracks and openings

Keep a special eye for cracks in the windows, on the walls, on the floor.  They can breed in the attic and garage and enter your house through the small cracks that are connected through it. Sealing them with proper material is always recommended. 

6) Moisture

A dehumidifier might be quite helpful. Excessive humidity attracts various kinds of insects and thus can attract spiders. it’s good they will reduce the number of insects in your household but the number of spiders will increase.

7) Insects

ants and cockroaches, even moths are easy prey for them if you get infestations of these insects which are a pest among themselves. They can invite a bigger pest that is the huntsman spiders. Regular pest control is recommended for each of these pests to keep in check.

8) Vegetation

Weeds in the perimeter can cause huntsman spiders to get a  welcome at your home and can be difficult in getting rid of huntsman spiders. Keep in check of your shrubs, trees, and small plants. If you have a rock decoration then you might wanna keep a check on it too. The more the vegetation, the more possibility of getting huntsman spiders at your home.

9) turn off Lights 

The simplest way to remember is that light attracts insects and in turn insects attract spiders. You might wanna consider turning off your outdoor lights to avoid the possible entry of the huntsman spiders at your home. Therefore, no bright outdoor lights at night.

10) Vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner can be a great idea. This might suck up the spiders from the corners. Also, it can give you the advantage of getting rid of the spider’s eggs and webs. This can save you a big future hassle of more spiders being bred at your house. 

11) Sticky trap

All you need is a nontoxic trap. You just need glue. The spider will stick to the glue part and now you have caught the spider. You can easily go further away from your home and release the spider.

How can we help you? 

Get our best professional pest control to get rid of huntsman spiders. We are ready 24/7 for Spider Control in Adelaide. Dial our toll-free number now and keep your home safe and sound!

Each passing day, you get to read about more & more blogs on mosquito sprays effects. All the reports suggest either people are in acceptance of mosquito sprays or they are not. So, to finish your confusion- we are giving you this blog on “Spraying of mosquitoes: Is it a viable option?” 

Most cities, states and countries governments are in acceptance of spraying mosquito repellents. This is because mosquitoes cause a lot many illnesses in the present day. For instance- Zika virus, dengue and malaria, etc. We have to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying to reduce the level of mosquito-borne diseases. 

Benefits of Spraying for mosquitoes

  • Mosquito control sprays are easy to form using handheld controllers. If you wish to spray in larger portions- helicopters and drones can be used. 
  • Insecticides sprays are best suited to control mosquitoes. This is because insecticides show quick results by settling on all the places where mosquitoes are. The insecticides kill the mosquitoes very fast. 
  • Moreover, the sprayed insecticides stay on the surface for a relatively long time. This further prevents new mosquitoes from entering the area. So, frequent insecticide spraying is much advisable by mosquito control experts. 

Negatives Of Spraying for mosquitoes

  • If the mosquito spray is done by using an aircraft on a larger area- it will pose an effect on everything that comes in its way. Therefore, the insecticides will damage the bee hives, birds and other little insects. All such insects may get dizzy and some even die. 
  • Side effects on vegetables, fruits and flowers. The insecticide spray will disturb the crops, homes and much more. Furthermore, the sprayed repellent will form a poised layer on everything. This can have a negative effect on sensitive skin people, animals and babies. 

Spraying Insecticides For Mosquitoes- ‘Yes’ or ‘No’? 

So, by now what do you think? Is Spraying for mosquitoes good or bad? It’s actually tough for all to answer. As it has both benefits and disadvantages. 

Even if insecticides are the best remedy to kill mosquitoes, you need to think of something else. The quantity of insecticide spray can be reduced. Reduce the level of aerial spraying as much as possible. 

However, professional mosquito exterminators always recommend you to book a timely mosquito control service. As professional mosquito exterminators have the right knowledge on types and methods of pest control- the results will always be satisfactory. 

Appoint Adelaide’s Best Mosquito Controllers Now! 

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